Professional Photography - What you pay for:

In the days of digital cameras some people may question the value of professional portrait photography and struggle to understand pricing when it costs nothing to press a button on an iPhone.  But we would like to highlight what you're really paying for:

Your Session

Included in your service is a consultation, by phone or in person, and make-up service.

Professional photographs take time and our photographers don't like to rush the service.  Every person and family is unique, and it's important we take the time to understand your face and body shape, as well as get to know who you are so we can bring out the best in you.  The average amount of time spent on one portrait photography session (before we start printing) is 4-6 hours. This includes a consultation, booking, makeup and hair service, the photographic session, sorting and selecting images, retouching, and presenting the images back to you.

Advanced retouching:  Our staff are trained in the latest Photoshop techniques.  We complete a basic edit and light retouch before your viewing session so you gain a good understanding of the end product.  No image leaves our studio unless it's perfect.  We wont over photoshop you or your family, just make you look your personal best.  This includes things you may not notice, like skin retouching, plus things you never new existed, like removing fluff from clothing and cleaning up the background.

Equipment: We use only the best camera equipment available (Canon 5D Mark IIIs, with a selection of fully-professional lenses) to ensure your images are so sharp it's like you're right there.

Professional Studio: Our natural light photographic studio in Ponsonby offers a perfect environment for our customers and photographers to achieve fantastic results.

Print Quality: Images are printed in-house with an Epson Pro 9880 44-inch printer. This is the best photographic printer you can buy in New Zealand. This means your images will stay rich in colour and will not fade. The prints are considered archival quality. Your images will not be sent to a Lab for mass production on printers with half a colour palette and people who don't really care about them.

Our Knowledge: We put a high level of importance on continuous training, conference attendance, and membership with The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. This means we're up to date with the latest photographic standards and techniques.

Staff: We hire talented photographic professionals and invest in their continuous development.

In summary, your paying for a Professional Service.