Auckland Pet Photographer

Has your best friend got four legs (not two)? Four-legged friends: this one’s for you!
We really love dogs, cats (and other furry friends)! So this is us doing our little part in encouraging just the right sort of clientele.. With our pet photography. It’s recently come to our attention that our love of animals isn’t universally known. One lovely lady even left her darling dog at the bottom of the stairs in case we might be offended! So, we’re taking this opportunity to be clear: Photographers Inc loves your pets!

If your looking for PETS ONLY Wall Art check out our sister company:

NZ's only pet photographer dedicated exclusively to studio portraits.

What’s involved in a Pet Photography Sitting?

So, expect a full hour’s photographic session with some of the best in the portrait business who just so happen to LOVE pets!

Each sitting comes complete with a consultation (phone or in person), special pet shoot, and private viewing.

Sitting Fee:  $185  |  Prints start at $290