How to look great in photos?

How to look great:  Is it having a great body, or a great attitude?

One often leads to the other but which one comes first? More often its the mindset / attitude. What stops us embracing “the beauty within” and walking into the world with a smile and a spring in our step? We all have our reasons and excuses but at Photographers Inc we help you conquer your demons by showing you images of yourself looking better than you ever thought possible which can be quite liberating! How to look great – we will show you the way! 

How to look great excuse #1: My body shape

Lots of people use a session of having great photos taken as a reward for achieving a desired body shape. This is a fantastic idea and if you’re ready for your 2hr confidence boosting photoshoot and portraits to show your friends & family: come on in for your Consultation now! We also find that’s one of the most common excuses for why now is not the right time to have portraits done.  Two facts we’d love you to consider if you’re thinking this are: 

  • Make a start: Being over or under ideal weight is often 90% related to happiness & confidence. A wonderful thing we get to do every day is helping to show you, our clients, that you can look great TODAY! When armed with some spectacular images of yourself (take a look at our gallery), that you can show off to friends and family (or just see for yourself): the knowledge that you really are beautiful can give you an incredible confidence boost and the start of some really positive changes in your life. The fist step towards knowing  how to look great is just to book a time to pop into the studio to sit down and have a chat with us.
  • Everyone should have as least one beautiful image showing how gorgeous you really are.  One of our clients told us her secret to happiness: “throw out your mirror, hang your portrait from Photographers Inc on the wall in its place and see yourself every morning as you really are!”.  Sure, everyone has one (or more) parts of their body that they are not happy with. We can help focus on the parts you do like and, with the combined power of makeup, lighting, pose, styling, cropping and optional post-production improvements: you’ll learn to focus on them too. Rather than dwelling on the negative, we enhance and focus on your strengths -and make them sing. You will be more than pleasantly surprised with what we can do to minimize the areas you are least happy with and let the rest of you shine through.

How to look great concern #2: My hair

Our makeup artist will style your hair in whatever fashion you desire: whether sleek and straight, in glamorous curls or a beautiful up-do. As you choose.  Bring along photos and any imagery you like (even if you don’t know quite why): make a scrapbook with magazine clippings and/or images copied from the internet … anything and everything that will help us to form a picture of what inspires you.  Or, like a lot of our clients, you can just turn up, say: “make me look beautiful” – we’ll pick a look to suit you.  

Tips to make the most of the time: 

  • Your makeover includes a full hour of make-up & hair-styling to make you look your best.
  • We don’t cut, colour or wash your hair: if you want a fresh cut or if you colour your hair, ensure your hair appointments up to date before your Sitting.
  • Please ensure that you arrive with a clean, dry face, your hair free of product and washed but DRY. Hair washed the night before is best as if your hair is either too greasy or too freshly washed it won’t hold its shape as well.
  • At Photographers Inc we specialise in makeovers for face and hair that really are done by experts you can trust. So remember to tell us if you have anything at all you might need special attention for.  Tell us if you have long curly hair so we can advise on extra time needed to style it ….  or if you wish to use specific brands or speciality products so we can advise about what we can provide and what you’re welcome to bring … and do tell your stylist what you like and style as you go they can tailor the whole experience to you. 

How to look great worry #3: My Skin

Being happy and healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water is the best thing for your skin. Cleansing and all over face and body moisture on the morning of your Sitting can also do wonders for that gentle glow. However, we all know that not everyone has been blessed with flawless skin every single day. This is no problem as, even where make-up isn’t up to it, we can easily take care of: tan-lines, freckles, blemishes, dark under-eye circles, tattoos, birth marks and good old fashioned wrinkles with a little judicious retouching all at your request. 

How to look great consideration #4: Make-up

You don’t need to know anything about make-up …or you can be most particular about each detail of it. Your make-up artist here at Photographers Inc will take care of you! Arriving at our studio with no makeup on is ideal. With that said, we understand this is perhaps not always practical so if you do have make-up on when arriving at the studio please bring your cleanser with you to remove it before your appointment starts. 

We pride ourselves in using quality make-up products so there’s no need to bring any yourself. If you have allergies or reactions to any make up you know of: please let us know beforehand so we can arrange a substitute if needed. If you would like to bring in your own products, by all means, please do so. We use a combination of MAC and Smashbox makeup. If you find a particular style of makeup you like, feel free to bring in ideas and examples: cut-outs from magazines etc.We want to create the look that’s perfect for you – inside and out!

How to look great question #5: My clothes

If in doubt, bring it all! We are more than happy to select from a broad array of clothes when we are styling your shoot. Our photographers will provide style suggestions to help if you aren’t sure what you want.  Accessories are great: hats, scarves, jewelry etc. Matching lingerie is a nice touch (you only live once). In any case, make sure you bring at least one white and one black to avoid the unintentional black bra under white shirt look. For most people, bringing lots of different shoes isn’t so important: less than 2% of images tend to be full length. A small, yet broad range is ideal. However, if shoes are a passion, do bring along all your favs and we’ll have a ball!  If you are coming as a group or family, having a collective concept of a desired look (be it casual, funky, dressy etc) is always a good start. Try make sure everyone brings at least one change of shirt so we can see what looks best on the day.  Don’t have clothes?!  We do everything else for you but you need to bring us a range of clothes to get the best out of your shoot. So: beg, borrow or go shopping! Or just pop into an Op shop and pick up a few neat accessories to vary the wardrobe you do have. We will do what we can with whatever you bring us though so don’t let this hold you up if things don’t go according to plan. 

How to look great query #6: My look

This is where we can most help you:  If you know what you want, then tell us, show us some examples (if you have them) and we’ll really enjoy capturing that unique look that inspires you. That said, only a VERY small percent of our clients who come to us have much of a clue on how to stand or pose in front of the camera. This is NOT a problem. It is what we are here for: You bring us yourself and the clothes and we will look after the rest! 

How to look great thought #7: My Wallet

Worried that we might just know what we are doing and you are going to love all the images? …and you’re not sure your wallet is in good enough shape to handle it? If so, check out our Payment Options page. It’s always a good idea think about what sort of budget you do have and let us know so we’re helping you narrow down to what suits both you and your budget. But, don’t worry, we have options to suit most. 
Have another concern?


We have heard most of them before and find most things are possible. So don’t be afraid to just pick up the phone and call us for a chat. Or ask a question online.  Or why not come in and see us – the Consultation is entirely obligation free – it’s a chance to meet and see if we suit each other. 

Are you ready to look great?

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