Auckland Marathon 2014 … Celebrating the wonderful people who take part

Congratulations on taking part in the adidas Auckland Marathon! – and on your 2hr Portrait Sitting

It’s not every day you get to put your best foot forward and challenge yourself to be your very best. Let us help celebrate this milestone: whether it’s a winning place, getting to cross the harbour bridge on foot, a personal best time or simply having the real courage to sign up and take part. Portraits of a winner – whatever your goal: what better way than to capture this moment in a portrait to remind you how great this is!

What’s included in your Full 2hr Portrait Sitting:

Each sitting comes complete with consultation, incredible portrait sitting & private viewing to share with friends & family!
  1. Your 15 minute Consultation in the studio is well before your Sitting day to discuss your needs, what you’d like to achieve, what’s possible and everything you’ll need to know about the whole experience well before the big day.
  2. Start your 2hr Sitting with a full hour with our professional makeup artist, where she will not only make you (or someone you love) look great but feel great as well.
  3. Then, have a whole hour to relax with our photographer capturing a few uniquely you moments. Our professionals will do everything for you from styling your shoot to posing you. This is all about recording that awesome achievement and any other sporting passions but also celebrating all the other wonderful things in your life – perhaps even a little pampering confidence booster that shows your glamorous side – it’s all up to you! Anyone can join you in your photo shoot: family, loved ones … discuss your ideas in your Consultation: so we’ll focus on just the right mix for you.
  4. Come back a week later with friends, families and loved ones to view your images on the big screen: this can be a whole lot of fun so pick a time when you can bring along family and friends, a bottle of bubbles and enjoy the show in the big screen! … or as a private viewing just for you – you decide.

Book your Portrait Sitting here Portrait Bookings (mention “Marathon”) and we’ll take care of the rest!

For full details: come in for a Consultation or Ask us here!

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